15 Tiny Kitchens We Wish We Had in Our Not-So-Tiny Homes

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Just because tiny-house kitchens are incredibly, well, tiny, doesn’t mean the meals produced in them can’t be big on taste. With their smart storage solutions and deceptively clever design elements, these kitchens would be more than welcome in our regular-sized homes.

1. Green With Envy
Gorgeous green shelves are the standout feature in this small-living kitchen…oh, and the red Aga, the overhead drying rack, and wood floors. OK, this whole kitchen is a standout.

Image courtesy of homegry.com

2. Two-Step Storage
This mini Massachusetts-parked house was built for under US $30K, proving you don’t need much to turn a tiny house into a true home. The kitchen houses most of the storage, including a pantry integrated into the loft staircase.

Image courtesy of curbed.com

3. Island Life
Minimal counter space is always a challenge in mini homes, but this owner has solved it with a movable island complete with a marble counter top. Chop chop!

Image courtesy of tinyhousetalk.com

4. Pastel Paradise
Clocking in at just 16-feet long, it’s hard to believe this space doesn’t belong to a custom-built house on a strong, inert foundation…rather than on a flatbed and set of trailer wheels.

Image courtesy of tinyhousetalk.com

5. Skylight Stargazing
When the quality of fixtures, finishes and furniture in a tiny home—such as marble countertops, sun-catching skylights and rough wood-and-steel dining sets—outshines that of a conventional built, the appeal of tiny-house living (and cooking!) grows and grows.

Image courtesy of tinyheirloom.com

6. Robin’s Egg Blue Baking
The owner of this Chattanooga, Tennessee, home is an avid baker so having a complete kitchen was a must. With a full-sized fridge and a small but effective oven, we can almost smell the freshly baked bread.

Image courtesy of housebeautiful.com

7. Canary Yellow Cool
A freestanding breakfast bar separates this compact kitchen from the living room, providing both a convenient place to eat and a physical cue that the main living area is beginning.

Image courtesy of tinyhouseswoon.com

8. Do the Funky Chicken
Personalized touches, such as the chicken-wire lined cupboards, come together with modern conveniences (hello, mini dishwasher!) in this funky tiny-house kitchen.

Image courtesy of tinyhousefor.us

9. West Coast Wonder
This little luxurious home on wheels was built in Portland, Oregon, which goes a long way in explaining the über-cool look of its petite kitchen.

Image courtesy of tinyhousetalk.com

10. Retro Chic
The throwback colour of these kitchen cupboards gives this tiny kitchen character, while the compact layout (complete with mini gas stove) doesn’t eat up precious square footage.

Image courtesy of homedit.com

11. Washing Machine
As the first steel-framed tiny house in the U.S., this mini masterpiece is strong as it is stylish. The kitchen flows to the laundry area and onto the bathroom, providing seamless living in limited square footage.

Image courtesy of tinyhousechattanooga.com

12. Porcelain Princess
Just because you’re giving up large living areas doesn’t mean you have to give up your house-hunting must-haves too. This tiny home still has hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and a gorgeous, deep porcelain farmhouse sink.

Image courtesy of countryliving.com

13. Back Wall Beauty
Chic peekaboo cupboards line the back wall of this small dwelling, creating a defined kitchen area that’s simultaneously part of and separate from the main living room.

Image courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com

14. Seize the Small Size
Casual, compact living at its best, if we could enjoy this view while washing the dishes we’d seize the day—and this tiny home—too.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

15. Bar Party
If you don’t have room inside your tiny home to host all your friends for dinner, move the party outside with an ingenious outdoor eating bar.

Image courtesy of tinyhouseswoon.com

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